Company profile

  From 1980, Danyang artificial limb Co., ltd,has began to research, produce and sale false upper limb with Strong technical force. The engineering employees (the professional like machinery, electron, electronelectron, computer, prosthetic installation technician and so on) accounts for 45% of all the staff, with two senior engineers. Currently, we are the more large scale company in the domestic upper limb market with much more types.

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  We have long cooperation in technology with research institutes, such as of Harbin Industrial University, Southeast University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University and Shanghai Science and Technology University so on. We are also Harbin industrial university 863 project partners. Collaborating with southeast university in the proportional control electrical prosthesis, we obtained the patent ,
and in 2013 China (Nanning) International Rehabilitation Appliance Exposition and was awarded the second prize of "rehabilitation cup", and with Shanghai university of science and technology make  research and development of voice control electric artificial limbs, new song wrist electric prosthesis got new practical patent. The company now has two invention patents, 11 practical new patents, two exterior design. 

patent of invention